Embracing the New Year like a cat with zoomies


As I scroll by way of the Chirpies Instagram photographs of many years earlier I see a pattern. Our 10-calendar year aged Jimmy Fancy Toes is more frequently than not captured digging his paws into mounds of snow. We contact him our snowcat and we imagine that his polydactyl mittens give him an edge in the snow, with his built-in ‘snowshoes’ the other cats deficiency. This makes him the chief in catio snow expeditions and the chief shoveler of snow.

Ginger and white cat in deep snow

In which are you going?
You want to assist me shovel
It is worse than you feel

Jimmy Extravagant Toes

But what does Jimmy Fancy Ft get up to indoors?

Effectively, there is the usual cativities this kind of as sleeping, meowing for food when it is not time to consume, supplying awesome paw shakes, boxing and making ‘air’ biscuits.

cute ginger cat in box

Seize a box and sit
Irresistible cuteness
They can not dismiss

Jimmy Extravagant Ft

But there is a little something else that Mr. Extravagant Ft is recognized for lately. One particular of his most loved indoor cativities is jogging up and down all the large ramps and the bridge at whole velocity again and forth. And when the temper strikes the complete dwelling will know! He appears like a herd of buffalo likely up and down the stairs stomping with his huge paws. 

Elated I sense
Can you listen to my stomping ft?
A New Yr has sprung!

Jimmy Fancy Feet

So although Jimmy was working towards his substantial-intensity interval teaching or HIIT on New Year’s day, the other cats ended up cozily curled up possibly in pairs, by itself or on a human lap. I believe he was allowing off some pent up energy from becoming cooped up indoors for a handful of days as the catio was closed due to cold weather. There had been no snowy expeditions to carry out or other important catios missions.

Or probably he was commencing the year off with gusto and vigor, up for any challenge the new yr might convey. Just like that one man or woman out jogging on New Year’s Working day whilst the rest of us are sipping second cups of incredibly hot chocolate and slouching on the couch.

Jimmy is no spring kitten and at 10 decades previous is thought of a senior. So people bursts of vitality are good to see. Soon just after he started his zoomies it jolted me off the couch and with a wand toy in tow, there I was sprinting up and down the stairs attempting to keep up with Jimmy.

Right after a couple of minutes of HIIT teaching with my coach Jimmy, my next mug of hot chocolate was chilly but my inspiration was fuelled.

Fuelled by a cat no fewer.

How did your kitties inspire you for the New Yr? Was it to get far more slumber? Get a new hair slice? Established new objectives or just get off the sofa and do HIIT teaching? Chirp us a line beneath! ?

Pleased New Yr!

If you would like to see Jimmy shoveling in action observe this online video down below.


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